We are a family of serial entrepreneurs surrounded by a great team, always ready to take on a challenge and make a difference in today’s world.



Our approach starts with the analysis of the needs for the coming years, the tools used and the operating cost. We then help our customers designing the leanest and most cost effective integrated system to achieve their goals.



We trust each other, we are committed to be the best, we always do our best to do the right thing, we support family.



The BP2M group’s objective is to provide SMBs with the same level of resources and services as those enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies. To reach this goal, BP2M relies on a combination of partners offering high added value and companies affiliated to the BP2M Group.

Day in, day out, BP2M Ltd actively coordinates that effort, providing clients with the very best service and participating in their growth and success while, of course, offering an improved bottom line.

As entrepreneurs in SMBs, day after day, we have found ourselves:

  • Up against the same roadblocks over and over again,
  • Driven by an idea or product and hoping to spend most of our time on it – yet 80% of our time is eaten up by day-to-day operations,
  • Having everyone expecting us to have all the answers on every subject.

The bottom line is that today’s entrepreneurs have to deal with all the everyday hassles of a Fortune 500 company – but with limited resources.

At BP2M, our business is focused on providing our entrepreneur clients with day-to-day resources as needed, when needed – and over the long term.



BP2M Ltd. Will help you create a long-term value for your company through customers, markets and relationships. Through our knowledge of the marketplace, we will assist you in the implementation of the right strategy to develop your business while optimizing your costs.

Obviously from time to time good traditional consulting is in order to help your business on specific needs.

Our team has all the experience to do it and we use the same rigorous methodology to deliver one shot projects as we do for everything else we do at BP2M.

  • We will take on, improve a service, prepare bids and give you the decisional tools to help make the right choice.
  • Find new markets and/or opportunities to grow your business.

Analyse and solve issues in your organization.


Each markets have changed tremendously in the last few years, and the new generation doesn’t have the same “take” on the job as it used to. We also nowadays have to rely heavily on “imported” workforces, requiring companies to deal with different cultures, values and basic training.

Finding the right fit for the job and having tomorrow’s management team ready for future challenges is a challenge in itself.

For BP2M, every challenge has its answer: since the market offers a large choice of specific training programs, night schools and so on, we didn’t think that adding another one would be of any benefit. Our focus is on how our clients can profit from that large offer and capitalize on it.

BP2M Academy, a 3 to 4 years tailor-made program, is our answer. It will help your company keep your workforces long term and prepare your future managers, while improving work quality as well as increasing efficiency in your organization.


For more specific questions, we are here to help.

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